Barbara Hersh

| Veterinary Operations Manager | Barbara, a registered veterinary nurse, began her career in veterinary care before moving to Sage Centers for Veterinary Emergency and Specialty Care where she learned supply chain management. In her decade with Sage, her roles included Inventory Assistant Supervisor and CUBEX Administrator. Her unique experience both in inventory management and patient care give Barb a uniquely valuable, customer-based perspective when it comes to implementing CUBEX solutions in veterinary practices and solving any challenges that may come her way.

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6 Controlled Substance Mistakes Your Veterinary Clinic is Probably Making

on Oct 16, 2018 10:58:00 AM By | Barbara Hersh | 0 Comments | Inventory Management
Barbara Hersh, Veterinary Operations Manager at CUBEX, started her career as a veterinary surgical nurse and inventory supervisor. Today, she helps veterinary clinics improve their controlled drug management, meet DEA compliance, and increase profit margin.  Even the most conscientious veterinary clinics are likely making one of six common mistakes in controlled substance management:
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