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Someone Has Stolen My Controlled Substances! Now What?

Experiencing an internal or external theft or significant loss of controlled substances from your practice can elicit all types of emotions; from anger, to fear to betrayal. It’s hard to imagine how you can find the time or resources to deal with a controlled substance issue, when you must manage your practice, see patients, perform surgery and deal with HR issues all day long.
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Controlling Your Controlled Substance Costs – Improving Profits in Your Veterinary Practice

on Jan 10, 2019 2:33:00 PM By | Jan Woods | 0 Comments | Controlled Substances Controlling Costs
One of the newest members of the CUBEX team is Jan Woods, Professional Services and Regulatory Affairs Manager. With increased compliance regulations and inventory management standards, veterinary practices are being challenged to update processes. Jan’s background and expertise allow her to mentor clinics on compliance best practices. Jan shares her insights and expertise on managing controlled substance costs in veterinary practices.
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